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Hump Day with Swanny & Friends

Jul 16, 2020

We're back doing the pod remotely due to the debacle of the COVID lockdown in Melbourne and have done our best in a tough market. 


Jul 8, 2020

With Melbourne going into lockdown, Dane, Samantha and Ralphy's brains went out in sympathy. Another solid hour of irrelevance.


Jul 1, 2020

Taped at 9:30am 01/07 meaning we may have got everything we said about Steele Sidebottom's situation wrong, but we soon got back in our wheelhouse of talking rubbish for an hour.


Jun 24, 2020

Like a cold car starting, Dane took a while to get going after a well earned week off, until...!


Jun 10, 2020

With so many serious issues in the world, Dane, Samantha and Ralphy didn't get to any of them. However hangover cures and chip flavourings have been extensively covered. Also joined by Sam Newman for a cameo.